domingo, 27 de dezembro de 2009


27/12/1988, all we know is that today, a very important person was born, a girl who was shy before, now shines on many stages around the world, with a bit of pressure she faced the audience in a small church in your city and who would say that the public would multiply? *-* Your fans from Brazil want you back, and this is an emergency, because you are brighter, and enlightens us. And here we go again, mobilizing ourselves so that we can see you again, because we don't let this go. Whoa! You came into my life and the lives of so many other people who love you, but there is a conspiracy against us, because it depended on us, you would live on tour here. (LOL) We also Franklin exist, this place that was essential for each step and the whole band, know that you are in my heart.

For a pessimist, I'm a pretty optimistic
, and with this philosophy I come to you, you are my inspiration, and that's what you get, many admirers, you deserve. And now at 21, hallelujah, you still beautiful, and the trend is improving! Without this 'misery business', now everything are flowers, all you planted you harvest today, when it rains, everything flows more quickly, but also let the flames begin to heat your harvesting, is all set, and you know when you say 'Paramore is a band', these achievements were not made by a miracle, but by your dedication and participation on our part. Barriers think we are broken, but no, we are UNITED! We will pass over them as if they were simple and low fences because we were born for this!

You are always so careful, not ignorance, you know what to do, without being playing God, but building a brick by boring brick, and growing with your own efforts, without turn it off. Sulfur me of pride just by think that I met you at the time still 'underground' in your career and now I see you so happy, with other bands I'm happy for the success achieved, but soon forget, but you are the only exception. And never mind the bad comments, with these people, even just feeling sorry... Keep looking up just wanting everything you have not gotten observing each star where the lines overlap, ignore these misguided ghosts and keep going, because I think you are very close to everything you want, you are incredibly beautiful, talented , funny, even charming! Run behind EVERYTHING you want, because all I wanted I've got: You and Paramore! Thank you for simply existing!

I love you, Hayley Nichole Williams! (L)

# listening: Crushcrushcrush - Paramore.
( this was the only song that didn't fit in the text. LOL )

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