domingo, 26 de dezembro de 2010

Happy birthday, Hayley Nichole Williams {♥}³

This is the 5th anniversary that I know of your existence, and the 4th that I'll pay tribute to you. Every year I tell you something new, something bigger to be proud, this year couldn't be different. It seems that my dreams as a fan, took place with complete success, the Paramore really grown, and much, you become more beautiful each day, continued renewing the hair (something which I love), arranged to rumors for your career, but it is part of fame, what true artist don't cause it? hahahaha The fact is that I am your disciple, and if you being wrong or not, I feel I'll always with you, that is: I recognize if you make mistakes, but I never will judge you, after all, you have your reasons, your desires, your life, and I'll always be here to support you at all!
You taught me, so indirect, that we should always follow our dreams, no matter how crazy or absurd it may seem, it is not impossible. And you know how you taught me? Realizing a dream of mine that until then I thought that would be improbable, I remember the rush that was that Saturday in May, where I spent the whole day flooding you, to make you read my virtual letter, and after hours and hours and hours insistently at the computer, I finally got make you read, and more: I was answered with a direct message on twitter. You know, I thought this was too much to be true, but it was real, IS real. But not only because I received a response from you, but for what you told me. You are wonderful, and if you does not know, should know. You're example, you're beautiful, you are overcoming, you're inspiration, you're life! Can not wait for February 20 next year, I'll do anything to see you, give you the hug of my dreams, I could look you closer, and say how much you mean to me, how important you are in my life.
Please don't change, ever! Only improve as you has done ever! You're going the right way, is reaping the fruits that you planted in the past, and I'm here from afar, but smiling along with you, because your joy is contagious, and your happiness is also mine, to be sure! Today, 22 years old with very experienced, wish you 22 more years, but 30, 40, 89274872658732 years (kidding), that you be happy forever, that you carry out all its dreams, and grow up more, that you earn more money, but always with your feet on the floor, that you find peace in your life, much love, and all the other wonderful things that a person as you could want, and that in fact, deserve!
Hayley Nichole Williams, congratulations on your 22nd birthday, I really love you so much!
Thank you for simply existing.

With love,

I'm sorry for my grammar mistakes, my english is terrible!

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